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The Voice for Manufactured Home Owners in British Columbia since 1971

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This province-wide Association actively promotes and supports an ongoing working relationship and partnership between Federal, Provincial and Local Government agencies, elected Members of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, homeowner/tenants and the landowners/landlords of British Columbia's Manufactured Home Parks.


In 1971 Active Manufactured Home Owners Association (AMHOA) was incorporated under the Societies Act as a non-profit Association made up of volunteers who sought to protect and speak for manufactured home owners. Active Manufactured Home Owners Association offers membership to any manufactured home owner in British Columbia. Working together with District Associations and members around the province, AMHOA is the voice for manufactured home owners in British Columbia.

Owners of manufactured homes situated on rented lots in manufactured home parks are home owners, renters and taxpayers. They therefore face a unique situation with problems common to all three roles.

The owner/renter position, and the investment they have in their homes, makes the manufactured homeowner much more vulnerable to intimidation and abuse from landowners than other renters. It is the objective of this Association to reduce or eliminate this and other problems so that we can enjoy our homes with security of tenure and home equity protection as do other home owners. As property taxpayers we have the right to look to local governments for assistance with some of our problems. For those with their homes on ‘Reserve’ land, the federal government needs to get involved with the problems they have created when encouraging non-natives to invest in homes on land that is the responsibility of the federal government.


  • Lobby local, provincial and federal governments with a strong voice for decades long overdue changes to protect the rights of manufactured home owners.
  • Obtain recognition that our homes are on land rented for permanent housing.
  • Cooperate with other agencies involved in this lifestyle choice!
  • To work with park managers or owners to make manufactured home parks a better place to live!
  • Assist members where possible in problem solving and in the dispute settlement process. Legal advice must be obtained from a lawyer; we can only give information based on past experience.
  • Provide members with a quarterly newsletter to keeping them abreast of changes that affect manufactured home Parks and home owners.
  • Promote and assist in the establishment of local Park Associations to work with each other and/or the Park landlord to improve living conditions in and around the park. A Park Association should foster a good community spirit and will not function well if used primarily to wage war on other residents or the park manager/owner.


  • Shelter Aid for Elder Renters (SAFER) is now extended to Home lot renters.
  • A Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Act written specifically for manufactured home site rental.
  • Intervention services by Residential Tenancy Office Staff
  • The establishment of Arbitration Rules of Procedure
  • Changes to the Manufactured Home Act regarding conditions which must be met before selling our homes.


  • Bylaws or policies on redevelopment of parks.
  • If necessary, have the current Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Act rewritten into the type of Act that can stipulate that we get fair market value for our home when park is redeveloped or closed.
  • Compensation for loss of investment in infrastructure repair, replacement or upgrades.
  • Monitoring the new Act and Regulations to ensure fairness.
  • Improvements to the Arbitration System.
  • More equitable Rent Increase provisions.
  • Gathering facts from home owners to support changes needed to either the Act or its Regulations.
  • Licensing of our Park Managers and sale of new homes under the Real Estate Act.
  • Reasonable and sensible park rules that take into consideration Bylaws and services paid for in your taxes.
  • Security of tenure for home owners and their homes.
  • Recognition that manufactured home owners are property tax payers.
  • Bylaw enforcement by taxing Authority.

It is imperative that AMHOA be heard and be vigilant at protecting the foundation of their members' lifestyle. A large membership throughout BC providing information and support, give the AMHOA a strong voice. Support this type of partnership and life style by becoming an AMHOA member today.


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